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Your Vision Marketing Group Announces Benchmark Video Communications Suite to Mainstream Marketing

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Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) June 17, 2013

In todays fast-paced business climate, information about a product or service can be captured in the blink of an eye due in part to the ever evolving internet. The internet has changed forever the way the majority of the world acquires information on a product and service, entertainment and transacts business. Customers look for and get what they want in minutes. So how do companies stay at the forefront of consumer appeal? According to Russ Chiasson, VP of Sales for Your Vision Marketing Group, Businesses that continue to maintain profitability are doing so by embracing innovative, cost efficient technology to respond to this evolution in consumer buying trends.


Over the last 10 years, the internet has advanced rapidly as a dynamic force in moving products and services to end users. Not only has it become an important marketing tool, it has also dramatically changed the marketing equation. Understanding and acting on these changes is crucial if a business plan revolves around harnessing the power of the internet to capture the loyalty of customers, and take your brand to a whole new dimension.


In the last five years, the rapid advancement of worldwide mass communication systems has been no less than Mind Boggling.” The advent and perfection of the IPhone/Smart Phone, HD-Video, IPads, and Video-Based Websites are the mechanisms that are forcing this advancement. And of course, how can we forget You Tube as-well-as the emergence of a 7-year old debt-free company called Talk FusionTM. They are inspiring millions worldwide on a daily basis to visually connect with friends, loved ones and the ever evolving business world to utilize video communication tools that transforms boring black & white text to eye-catching Full Living Video Color!


From Black & White to Full Living Video Color.


With consumers now firmly in the drivers seat in terms of their calculated buying habits, businesses must find a way to earn their trust first- then convince them that they want a business relationship. Within the context of todays competitive business arena, it is imperative to use cost effective state-of-the-art methods to visually connect with consumers to earn that trust. As a business owner, it is essential to be open to new technology that will reach out and touch potential customers about why they want to purchase your brand versus another. A live visual approach immediately captures consumers attention and adds a whole new 3D-like dimension to the old way of just reading black and white content stated David Lewis, Director of Marketing for Your Vision Marketing Group.


The buying public is much savvier then the consumer of yesteryear and demand to have immediate access to information. The internet endows consumers with a heightened ability to anonymously initiate contact with a company to educate themselves about its products or decide to make a purchase from the convenience of their homes and/or the emerging usage of mobile devices. They control the option of contacting a company 24/7 rather than precisely during pre-determined “store hours.” Customers now routinely expect access to a companys product catalog at their own convenience. Internet search engines and directories that expedite the consumers’ craving to locate the selected information and products in which they are interested in are now at the forefront, i.e. Google, Bing, etc.


Old School Experience Need Not Apply


Traditional advertising and marketing techniques are no longer reaping the same benefits. Whether one owns a traditional store-front or operates a home business, one must find ways to Wow consumers to become perspective buyers. In comparison to traditional forms of marketing that are becoming less and less effective such as newspaper, television, magazines, direct mail and cold calling, these techniques no longer assimilate well with the powerful medium of the Internet. Now its video emails, video newsletters, video auto responders, live broadcasting and social media that drive home a brand with real live visual impact. Now the elusive promise of, Seeing is Believing, can really be delivered!


Proactive vs. Reactive Marketing


Waiting for the phone to ring or have a potential buying customers walk through doors today- is considered an old school (reactive marketing) method of moving goods and services to the end user. We say this because with reactive marketing, consumers will only buy fif the idea to buy a particular brand happens to come across their minds. For example: You are thirsty for a..? What comes to mind? Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, water, etc. Its the visual sub-conscious mind that takes over from that point. Successful marketers understand that the idea needs to be planted into the consumers mind (proactive marketing) whereby they want to seek you out to purchase your brand. And business owners need to utilize the most cost effective way possible to maximize the bang for your advertising buck! This can be accomplished through a complete array of video communication services offered through Your Vision Marketing Group. Their motto says it all Bring us your vision well bring it to life!


The notable distinction the internet has made on the marketing world is that in order to compete one has to be different. There are so many competitors vying for the same customers that to win one must now be priced right, as-well-as, give the highest grade of service, and lets not forget about educating customers. Gathering a list of potential clients where one can reach out through video email and social media or where they subscribe to a video newsletter or meet on a video conference creates opportunities to build long lasting business relationships. The bottom line ismore net dollars in the pocket as well as powerful and compelling word of mouth referral marketing.


Total Global Domination


By 2015, it is projected by Cisco Systems that 90% of all Global Internet traffic will be video-based. This means that every person and business anywhere in the world will be looking for a video solution, and Your Vision Marketing Groups benchmark Video Communications Suite offers exactly what everyone needs- video communication products that are fun, easy-to-use, and for a little more than one dollar per day- very affordable as well as being a tremendous value in comparison to the cost associated with other forms of advertising. For more information on how you can implement a whole new dimension to marketing a brand, more details can be obtained by clicking here.

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