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Voice Communication Solutions for Global Businesses

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Miami, FL (PRWEB) July 12, 2013

There are so many internet phone providers to choose from but most businesses are looking to secure the most reliable systems. When problems occur and there is a breakdown in internet phone services, this can cause loss of business and embarrassment. That is why so many businesses choose Telx Telecom for their reliability and fast service.


Telx Telecom, a provider of voice communication services since 2005 and a leading internet phone service provider, announces affordable solutions for businesses requiring the most advanced VoIP. The company has a secure data center facility in Miami called the Miami Data Vault, which houses servers and provides top protection for propriety information and backup solutions. The company has an outstanding track record in PBX and in providing voice over IP phone service.


A leader among VoIP service providers, Telx Telecom has a solution that is right and affordable for any business. With their SMB package, small businesses can take advantage of a network designed and catering for larger scale businesses. With SIP trunking, Telx Telecom can integrate data and voice into one broadband connection with exceptional quality for all calls and messaging systems. This provides businesses with integrated solutions for all their communication needs and subsequently saves money on phone bills and other expenses that were once exceptional high in pre digital times. Remote data provision and communication solutions are becoming increasingly popular, with most people these days becoming familiar with cloud based storage and communication options. On these grounds, VoIP provision and PBX hosting are becoming essential for many businesses. Security is often one of the first issues that people become concerned about when thinking about outsourcing their communication needs and operating remotely, but Telx Telecom provides excellent network security.


Many businesses are conducted remotely these days. Improvements in information technology and advancements in fiber optic pathways mean that communications can be conducted at the fastest speed from anywhere in the world. In the modern cyber world, with the level of technology available at affordable prices, few small businesses require physical premises to work out of. There is less and less need for hard copy paperwork as email and SMS take over and carbon neutral businesses strive to become paperless operations. This is mostly because of the increased availability and quality of Internet communications. With the ability to give clients a dedicated number to call that will reach a phone anywhere in the world, businesses no longer even have to operate out of their base country. Some businesses could be run almost entirely from a smartphone, and many probably are these days.


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