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UtiliNet Europe 2013 first pan-European Conference, Exhibition & Networking Forum to tackle the practicalities of IP/Ethernet migration in the utility envirinment

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Brussels, Belgium (PRWEB UK) 25 April 2013

A recent survey of smart grid professionals across Europe, conducted by Phoenix Forums, reveals that 92% of respondents consider the migration to IP/Ethernet to be either very important or important to their organisational agenda. And whilst the many benefits including flexibility, cost savings and ease of maintenance are recognised, concerns over security, the ability to support time critical protection functions, and seamlessly converging legacy and new systems, are considered significant hurdles to migration.


It is clear that European utilities more than recognise the far-ranging potential benefits of IP/Ethernet technology in the utility environment and are testing the water with its deployment, but with many concerns over the practicalities of migration and the heightened security risks, progress towards full roll-out across utility networks, although critical, is a road not without its challenges says Rebecca Davison, Programme Director at Phoenix Forums, producers of UtiliNet Europe 2013. Yet with the move towards implementation of IEC 61850, and the need for enhanced and standardised communication across operations to facilitate the smart grid, IP/Ethernet deployment is definitely the direction in which utilities are heading. The time is now ripe for both DSOs and TSOs to develop their understanding of IP/Ethernet technology, put firm migration plans into practice, and lay the foundations for a robust telecoms infrastructure capable of supporting smart future development.


UtiliNet Europe 2013 takes place 2-5 July 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. This pan-European Conference, Exhibition and Networking Forum is dedicated to tackling the practicalities of IP/Ethernet migration in the utility environment. Over the two days of the main conference, 13 leading European utilities including Iberdrola, REN, Creos, ESB Networks, Gas Natural Fenosa, ELIA, Alliander and Eidsiva Energi amongst others, will present practical case studies demonstrating their experiences of IP/Ethernet migration and deployment.


Miguel Angel S?nchez Forni?, Director of Control Systems & Telecommunications at Iberdrola, will give the opening address at the conference. Mr Sanchez commented Iberdrola is proud to share its experience with the Ethernet/IP adaptation of its telecommunications network, and the positive impact of this evolution in the deployment of its Smart Grid. The evolution of the network is clearly driven by the technical and economic aspects of a massive roll out of over 10 million meters spread in tens of thousands of secondary substations that need to be remotely accessed.


UtiliNet Europe 2013 is an invaluable event for both DSOs and TSOs alike, as Rui Franco, Managing Director of RENTELECOM, REN Group who will be speaking on the first day of the conference commented REN Group was one of the first TSOs in Europe to adopt IP/MPLS back in 2006. TSOs are required to ensure the highest uptimes in their grids. The pressure tends to increase due to the current and future trends in the energy market in Europe, such as stronger integration of diversified regional energy profiles (geographic specialization) and EU and international policy directives concerning climate and energy. Security telecommunications at TSOs are mission critical and IP/ Ethernet is still a challenge for TSOs like REN. I trust that UtiliNet Europe 2013 conference is a great place to discuss our experience!


Panel debates and practical sessions designed to discuss the latest technological developments and implementable solutions to the most pressing migration challenges will feature presentations not only from the leading utilities, but also from tech leaders and industry experts including Cisco Systems, Alcatel-Lucent, E.ON Energy Research Centre, ENCS, Security Matters, Quanta Technology, Emtele, and DNV KEMA. An evening champagne roundtable session will provide a practical framework for real-life problem solving and brainstorming with the entire utility IP/Ethernet migration community. All of this will be complemented by an adjoining exhibition area where delegates can view state of the art IP/Ethernet products and solutions tailored to utility needs. As an additional benefit, a dedicated hands-on pre-conference workshop on The Fundamentals of IP/Ethernet for Utilities, will take place on 2 July, providing a comprehensive overview of the technology itself and its key capabilities and applications in the utility environment. And on 5 July a post-conference workshop focused on Securing IP/Ethernet Networks will drill down into managing the heightened cyber security and data privacy risks in the deployment of IP/Ethernet in utility networks.


The industry is now at a point where general thoughts and directions on telecom networks will not meet utility needs, hence our utility-led programme has been designed to deep-dive into the practicalities of actual IP/Ethernet migration, making this an essential platform for the convergence of the energy, telecoms and IT sectors. Real-life practical case studies will showcase how utilities are overcoming the engineering, operational and security challenges to migration in practice, equipping attendees with the tools to develop a robust roadmap for implementation, and set them firmly on the path to leveraging the full benefits of IP/Ethernet says Rebecca Davison.


Bruno Peralta, Project Manager Engineering Department at Gas Natural Fenosa Telecom, who will be sharing his practical experiences of migration as a speaker at the conference comments: The conference seems to be a great opportunity to find out the different IP/Ethernet migration strategies. The diversity of services required means a variety of different telecommunication solutions that should be integrated into one telecommunication network. Ill share our own experience as well as some innovative technological solutions based on Ka-band satellite services.


Topics that will be discussed include:
????Migration Planning determining the roadmap for IP/Ethernet deployment in the utility environment to establish a telecoms infrastructure capable of supporting reliability, availability and security requirements
????Legacy to IP Transition managing the integration of legacy interfaces and equipment when migrating from existing protocols to IP networks, and determining the best use of new platforms and convertors to support the mix of legacy and new
????Security and Privacy safeguarding against the increased vulnerability to cyber attacks and data privacy threats when all communication and network connections are deployed over IP/Ethernet and data sharing increases
????Protection on IP Packets leveraging IP/Ethernet to meet teleprotection and current differential protection service requirements, and support time critical functions
????SCADA and RTU Communication transitioning from serial to IP to achieve improved data sharing and reliable communication between the SCADA control system and RTUs
????Smart Metering effectively managing smart meters over IP/Ethernet to ensure faster and easier communication with metering devices, security of customer data and improved load management
????Remote Management utilising IP networks in substation automation to improve remote monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance
????Traffic Prioritisation balancing and prioritising traffic over the IP network to ensure continuity and quality of service and protect time critical functions

Speaker highlights include:


????Miguel Angel S?nchez Forni?, Director of Control Systems & Telecommunications, Iberdrola
????Rui Franco, Managing Director, RENTELECOM, REN Group
????Bruno Peralta, Project Manager Engineering Department, Gas Natural Fenosa Telecom
????arko Velikovi, Telecommunication Network Management System Unit Manager, PE Elektromrea Srbije Serbian Transmission System and Mark

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