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Nehru Place, New Delhi-INDIA. Announces the Top 5 Ways Businesses Can Save Money with a Hosted PBX

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(PRWEB) July 12, 2013

IT departments around the nation are growing. The first half of the year experienced a slight increase in job growth, and tech hiring has been a large factor in this trend. More tech hiring means that companies are ready to take advantage of innovative technology, like using VoIP phone service.


According to a report by ComputerWorld, total employment in the tech industry peaked at about 4.47 million in June. This is an increase of jobs from May by 22,600, creating a marked .51% gain (excluding manufacturing employment).


Business VoIP telephony is the best high-tech option for phone communication. Companies can save money while enjoying a better quality phone service by using a hosted PBX (private branch exchange). A PBX connects phone lines with extensions, transferring incoming and outgoing calls through the Internet. PBX systems can save businesses money in a variety of ways, which is why The Digest is here to present the top 5 ways that a hosted PBX can save businesses money in 2013.


1. VoIP Means Cheaper Phone Bills


VoIP Internet phone service lets companies pay low monthly rates for unlimited calling within the US. Several [business VoIP providers also offer unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico. Depending on the provider, fees start at around $ 20/month per extension. On top of cheap nationwide calls, VoIP plans usually include extremely low fees for international calls.


2. Hosted PBXs Have Scalable Extensions


A connects any number of phone lines to any number of extensions. This way, companies are never paying more or less than exactly what they need at any given time. As businesses change size, PBX services change with them, ensuring that no phone calls are ever lost because there werent enough phone lines. Excess phone lines or extensions are easily cancelled at any time.


3. Convenient Remote Working


Telecommuting is a breeze with business VoIP services. PBX services optimize IP video conferencing, IP faxing, and SMS services, allowing employees and employers to connect like never before, no matter where they are. VoIP services are even available on smartphones, allowing telecommuters to take their work anywhere they travel.


4. Less In-House Maintenance


Installing an on-site PBX can be very expensive. Some larger companies prefer to have direct control over their phone lines, but not all companies can afford the installation fees or the constant maintenance needed. A hosted PBX is different because it is hosted off-site by the VoIP provider. Hosted PBX clients simply pay a low monthly fee for someone else to handle the headache and expenses for them.


5. Cheaper Remote Office Locations


Hosted PBX systems also mean that a different device is not required for each and every office location. A monthly fee covers their expenses, and since hardly any actual VoIP hardware is required for VoIP, expanding to new locations is cheap and easy.


Hosted PBX services give companies better phone services for less money. Internet calling is the newest technological trend that businesses are heading towards, and the sooner businesses can take advantage of them, the more money they can save.

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