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Teldat’s New bintec WiFi W-Series Access Points / Hot Spots Offer Decisive Advantages to its Users

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Tres Cantos (Madrid), Spain (PRWEB) June 27, 2013

Teldat is constantly increasing its investment in its bintec W-Series access points, integrating additional security and performance features into its bintec WLAN line access points. The mentioned bintec access points are targeted for a widespread market with different levels of requirements offering intelligent connectivity with maximum bandwidth.


Teldat continues in developing and expanding on the advantages offered by its Wireless LAN range of bintec W-Series equipment. WLAN is a rapidly growing market, which is being installed in an increasingly large amount of environments. It is not only used in the traditional scenario of companies offering connectivity to its employees. Now WLAN is also an indirect value added service offered to customers often called hospitality via the concept of Hot Spot, enabling these clients to connect to the internet via smartphones, tablets or even their laptops.


Hot Spots are, much more complex than the traditional internal company Wireless LAN connectivity for employees, primarily because for internal company Wireless LAN connectivity, the employer sets down the rules as to how the WLAN should be used by its employees and the employer can easily keep control of this.


Complexity increases on the Hot Spots. Firstly because the clients using the Hot Spots are constantly changing, as they connect on and off from the network system. Secondly, the profile of clients using the Hot Spot can be very varied, as well as their requirements when connected to the hospitability WLAN service. Thirdly, the control of the wireless equipment using the Hot Spot is difficult, as the users can connect with many different devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Therefore all these issues mentioned above, require advanced Wireless LAN technology to obtain efficiency and provide security on the network. Moreover, the use of a captive portal to obtain and fulfill all legal requirements is vital.


Moreover, companies providing these hospitality Hot Spots over WLAN can now be of any type of business. From a small independent snack bar to a town library or even a large Hotel chain. There are many public institutions, such as schools or hospitals that use Wireless LAN networks, and of course large corporations are offering hospitality to their customers as well.


To cater for all these market needs related to WLAN, Teldat has continued its investment in W-Series Wireless LAN access points on 802.11n and controllers. Teldat has a widespread range of access points. Starting from the bintec W1003n which caters for businesses that only require one dual-band radio access points.


The bintec W2003n and W2003n-ext, has dual-band radio for simultaneous use of 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands, with up to 300 Mbps of raw data transmission.


The bintec W2004n is for companies that need access points with an even higher performance than the W2003n range mentioned above. This type of access point is for those companies whose WLAN requires maximum data transmission rates of up to 450 Mbps of raw data. The bintec W2004n also has beamforming to enhance coverage of those users on the edge of the networks range. This is achieved by the mimo 3×3 technology installed of these access points.


Recently, Teldat has released new features for its bintec Wx003n / W2004n WLAN series access points and its WLAN Controller. The performance and security enhancements improve cost-efficiency and security across a wide range of wireless applications.


With the latest 9.1.5 feature release, the bintec W1003n / W2003n / W2003n-ext / W2004n access points deliver a decisive advantage to companies with unique requirements by including intelligent load balancing via active client management, client band select for prioritizing connection requests, and cyclical background scanning to detect unauthorized devices.


Hans-Dieter Wahl, Business Line Manager at Teldat, remarked: “Enhanced features such as active client management put our new WLAN line in a class above standard level devices. For instance, connection requests originating from a large number of clients including many with high-performance wireless capabilities are distributed intelligently across multiple APs to avoid network bottlenecks.”


Feature overview of system software 9.1.5 for the bintec WLAN line
Maximum security

Rogue client detection: The WLAN Controller automatically blocks attacks from clients that cause problems on the network.

Maximum performance

Active client management: Sophisticated algorithms ensure Wireless LAN clients are shared across multiple access points to prevent bottlenecks.

Client band select: Prioritizes connection requests between 2.4 and 5 GHz. As necessary, high-performance clients are actively moved to the 5 GHz frequency band.

Airtime fairness: Airtime fairness ensures the air medium is used in an equitable fashion, preventing for instance network congestion arising as a result of clients connecting with older devices that still use 802.11g. Hence, more bandwidth is available for high-performance clients.

About Teldat

Teldat is a global provider of advanced telecommunications equipment based in Madrid. Active in more than 35 countries, Teldat’s networking equipment supports the enterprise needs of some of the most demanding telecom carriers and multinational corporations in the financial, energy, government and transportation sectors.

A track record of more than 25 years and close to 400,000 active devices in mission critical applications for remote office access, smartgrid communications, fiber to the premises, IP telephony and public transportation projects, are Teldat’s references as a reliable provider for high growth cutting edge communications solutions.


Specialties: Multiservice access routers, Ruggedized smartgrid appliances, In-vehicle communications, IP telephony gateways, Wireless WAN devices, Security


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