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Private Internet Access Now Offers IPv6 Leak Protection and Five Simultaneous Connections, Increases Servers to 461

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 10, 2013

Private Internet Access, the world’s leading VPN service provider, is making its incomparable VPN encryption service even better by now offering its customers IPv6 Leak Protection, five simultaneous connections instead of the standard three and an increase in servers.


IPv6 Leak Protection was built after Private Internet Access research team notified the development team of a new attack vector. The new attack vector, IPv6 Leak, takes advantage of the new rollout of IPv6 that is slowly occurring amongst some Internet Service Providers.?Nefarious websites are able to make a simple request to or include an image, css, or js file from an IPv6 URL. IPv6 Leak Protection will block IPv6 traffic going out through native, 6to4 and Teredo tunnel interfaces in Windows Vista and above. With Windows XP, IPv6 needs to be disabled manually (or never enabled/installed, as the XP default is no IPv6).


As soon as our development team was informed of this new attack vector, they built IPv6 Leak Protection so that all of our customers will be safe, says Mimi Schirm of Private Internet Access.


In addition to the new IPv6 Leak Protection, Private Internet Access is pleased to now offer its customers five connections instead of three. These five connections can be a mix of routers, computers and mobile devices of the customers choice. For customers wiring up a home location that requires a large number of devices (in addition to mobile devices), Private Internet Access suggests looking into a router configuration for the home location that will allow all devices behind the router to be represented as a single connection to the network. This will allow you to use your mobile devices elsewhere, without the possibility of a home connection using multiple logins at once, Schirm says.


Another new benefit to customers is the addition of servers. Private Internet Access has increased its servers to a total of 461, significantly increasing their bandwidth and added flexibility in their geographical IP browsing selections. The company is continuously growing to make service faster than ever before.


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