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Nehru Place, New Delhi-INDIA. Reveals 5 Common Summer Items More Expensive Than Cheap VoIP Phone Service

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(PRWEB) July 14, 2013

Its the full flush of summer and summer expenses are burning up the wallet. Summer brings all sorts of extra little purchases. From BBQ condiments to sunscreen, summer is full of fun but also full of necessities that ring up the bill.


To help users save a little extra money to indulgence in summer activities, My VoIP Provider is revealing 5 common summer items that are more expensive than cheap VoIP phone service.


1. Pack of Hot Dogs


There are few things as quintessential summer as the smell of roasting hot dogs at a BBQ. A pack of meaty franks is the perfect way to kick start any family reunion or causal feast with friends. And when VoIP users call all their friends and family to join them at the park, they know that a month of calling is cheaper than that pack of hot dogs. The average price of pack franks is $ 7/pack whereas a month of VoIP calling with a residential VoIP provider like VOIPo or Axvoice only runs for around $ 6/month per line.


2. Movie Tickets


From Jaws to Star Wars to Iron Man, big blockbusters are king all summer. Hiding out from the heat in a cool movie theater is the perfect place to spend a hot summer afternoon. Movie tickets easily run $ 12 a piece these days, which is nearly double the cost of a month of VoIP. And whereas movie extras like popcorn and Skittles cost extra dough, all VoIP features, like caller ID, telemarketer blocking, and voicemail-to-email come free.


3. Sunscreen


Sunglasses? Check. Beach towel? Check. Did anyone bring the sunscreen? No one wants to burn while enjoying their time out by the lake or the ocean, which is why sunscreen is the most needed item of summer. For $ 9-$ 23 a bottle, users can save themselves from the sun. For several dollars less than that, users can also save themselves hundreds of dollars each month with VoIP phone service. And by using mobile VoIP, users can bring along their cheap phone service with them to the outdoors.


4. Margaritas


Margarita season starts on Cinco de Mayo and lasts all summer. Icy and salty sweet, the margarita is the perfect beach party companion. A good margarita costs around $ 10 a glass, which is more than a whole month of VoIP phone service. A real good margarita can transport a drinker to the flavors of Mexico. VoIP is also excellent at international connection. Many residential VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling for only pennies a minute each month.


5. Tank of Gas


Summer is the season of the road trip. An open road and a full tank of gas are the beginnings of any great summer story. Unfortunately, that tank of gas isnt cheap. The average price of a tank of gas this summer is $ 60/tank. For the price of one full tank of gas, users can enjoy more than six months of VoIP phone service. And with residential VoIP phone service, users can enjoy unlimited calling to anywhere in the nation, any time any where.


Summer time is the best time for fun and connecting with friends and families. VoIP makes it both cheap and easy to do it all.