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MyVoIPProvider.coms Top 5 Ways VoIP Can Save Users Money This 4th of July

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(PRWEB) July 02, 2013

Independence Day is one of Americas proudest days, and by switching over to VoIP phone service, customers can literally make freedom ring. Saving time and money means more time doing the things Americans love, and less time hassling with phone lines.


VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, is the next step in phone technology that transmits phone calls over the wireless Internet. Traditional telephone wires are cumbersome, inefficient, and expensive to use and maintain. On a day meant to celebrate the liberty of being an American, why should callers restrict themselves to such an old-fashioned phone system? To honor this holiday, My VoIP Provider announces the top 5 ways to save money and enjoy unlimited calling on the 4th of July.


1. Unlimited Calls to Anyone with the Same VoIP Service


Peer-to-peer calling is free, meaning that those who have the same VoIP provider can call each other at no cost! Peer-to-peer calling is one of the most popular selling points for residential VoIP phone systems, making them perfect for the Land of the Free.


2. Cheap Nationwide Calling


Even without the same service provider, residential VoIP customers can call anyone in the United States to celebrate a lower phone bill. Nationwide phone plans can cost subscribers as little as $ 5 a month, enabling a customer to call the neighbor for a barbeque just as easily as they might call Washington D.C.


3. Choose Virtual Area Codes


VoIP phone providers allow customers to choose whichever area code is the most convenient for their home or business. Friends, family, and business partners can enjoy the convenience of making a local call when connecting, even if they arent near enough to see the same fireworks.


4. Find Me Follow Me


If Fourth of July plans involve traveling across the beautiful country, VoIP customers can simply activate the Find Me Follow Me feature to make sure that no calls are missed. Find Me Follow Me allows customers to forward their business VoIP calls directly to their home or cell number. Most VoIP providers offer mobile VoIP apps, which can be downloaded directly to a smartphone, allowing customers to take their VoIP phone system anywhere in the country.


5. Reliable Grid Computing


America is resilient, and so is a VoIP service providers system of servers. Hosted PBX servers operate off of several nodes to relay communications, while traditional phone lines are restricted to single nodes in series with each other. When part of the phone lines go down, the whole system stops working, which is not the case with VoIP providers. Multiple nodes and servers mean that when something goes wrong, there are multiple backup relays to make sure all phone calls still go through. Never worry about outages and losing potential business again, because VoIP phone systems use cloud-based solutions instead of phone lines.


Celebrating the Fourth of July is synonymous with celebrating liberty. Instead of being locked into traditional and strangling phone lines, VoIP lets customers declare their independence by switching to a VoIP phone system for home or business today!

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