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Jicarilla Apache Supermarket builds profit with internet technology from LPM-USA.

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Dulce, NM (PRWEB) March 6, 2004

Visitors discover the unexpected at the recently opened Jicarilla Apache Nation Tribal Supermarket in Dulce, New Mexico. “It’s too beautiful to be a supermarket,” says one shopper, pointing to landscape murals on four walls and dioramas depicting tribal history. “There’s so much variety” says another shopper surveying Shitakes and Portabellas in the expansive produce section.


Yes, in a remote, Rocky Mountain town of less than three thousand residents – a supermarket that showcases tribal culture next to exotic mushrooms, fresh flowers next to the latte bar, and includes a delicatessen, a branch bank and office supply center – is a bit unexpected.


A store like this – hundreds of miles distant in any direction from a major population center might also seem an unlikely showcase for technology, but again, the Jicarilla Supermarket is full of surprises. IP Networked Video cameras from Loss Prevention Management (LPM) scan each aisle, checkout, door and parking lot. Viewing and recording software makes video available anywhere, anytime on the Supermarket LAN. Cisco 7940 IP phones provide PC switch ports on office desktops, Cisco 7935 IP Conference phones take center stage on meeting tables and Cisco 7905 IP phones are wall mounted at each cash register. Employees use Cisco Call Manager to page the intercom and Cisco Unity to check their voice mail. Wireless, handheld scanners help employees track inventory on the shelves, aggregating data back to point-of-sales software via a Cisco 1100 Series Wireless Access Point. Everything IP in the supermarket focuses back to Cisco 3550 Catalyst switches and funnels out to the internet through Cisco Access Routers and a Cisco PIX firewall.


If technology like this sounds complicated, it doesn’t have to. Daryl Aragon, assistant manager of the supermarket, says the IP Surveillance system was a breeze to learn and helps the store run more efficiently. “It’s a good tool to see what’s going on when you’re not there, because you can’t possibly be in the whole store from open to close.” Aragon reviews digital camera recordings to see if the store opened on time and looked presentable. He checks recordings from closing time to see what time the maintenance crew showed up.


Wireless input inventory devices and networked data applications give shopping center managers the ability to monitor sales, make forecasts and place orders more efficiently. Executive Manager Diana Pierce says aside from convenience, she expects improved operations to provide a return on investment. ?I?m really pleased with the communications and security in this system and how I can network with other offices and have access to all these systems right here at my desk,” says Pierce. “It?s state of the art stuff. There no comparison to the way we operated before!”


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