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For the settled customer, cost savings is the foremost clear reward of buying utilized Cisco Routers, switches, VOIP, security, wireless equipment, and supplementary supplies. Getting the network installation completed for significantly less is always extremely good for organizations.



Buying used Cisco equipment can save you money!


Why shell out for new equipment and routers while you can save money and purchase refurbished or used networking equipment from SM Networks? We guarantee that our used Cisco routers and switches will work as good as they were intended to originally by the manufacturer.



Simple and Reliable – SM Networks


SM Networks is more than your supplier of top-quality networking hardware. We help our customers meet their specific delivery targets while lowering their network equipment costs. NET RESULT – Effective savings as high as 95% off list price in some cases. This low cost on the investment for equipment allows companies to extensively stretch their IT budget.


Network Switch And Patch CablesIn addition to the savings you receive buying refurbished equipment from SM Networks; we also help extend your budget with our asset recovery/hardware re-marketing services. If you own surplus equipment or else are switching platforms, we will be capable of assistance to lower your entire cost of network ownership by means of outright buying your unused or end-of-life hardware along with offering fair-market value or trade-in options on the supplies you need.


When you’re on the lookout for genuine used Cisco equipment, you always want to be completely assured that what you are buying is from a trusted source. We’re your source for more than 2,000 used Cisco products. And we’re the only supplier of used Cisco gear that gives you the confidence of buying from the most reliable source in India.



Outstanding, “like-new” condition


Our refurbished products are tested as well as certified to Cisco specifications by Cisco-trained professionals in state-of-the-art facilities. We evade inferior quality workmanship, unreliable testing levels, and security risks.



Limitless worth meant for a restricted budget


First of the many advantages you as a business will get buying and installing used Cisco equipment is saving a percentage of money. Especially for big organizations and businesses, quite a lot number of routers and switches may be required to support their network to run efficiently. Lacs, or maybe even millions of rupees can be saved employing used equipment as in comparison to the ones that are brand-new. It all depends on how big or small a setup is. The bigger the Setup, the higher the effective savings.


Cost savings obtained by using the used networking equipment could possibly be allocated to some other items needed, additional conveniences, resources, etc.


All our Cisco and other networking second-hand products are appealingly priced, with no hidden costs-and no surprises.



A boon during tough times


international computer networkThe business climate continues to be difficult, and several organizations are locating it required to increase sources in purchase to maintain their competitive edge.


In Tough Times, Businesses Can Utilize Used Cisco Equipment for Reliable, Cost-Effective Networks. The untimely tech updates hence develop a surplus in IT equipment, which does not have to go to waste.


Companies only need to have to select a trustworthy service provider that can supply utilized gear of higher high quality. By using employed Cisco tools to construct their community, businesses can conserve a lot of income on the expense of networking components. Thankfully for several organizations, we as a vendors of used and refurbished networking hardware can supply these pieces for a portion of the cost of new products.



Be assured that your money is secured when you acquire a refurbished Cisco product from SM Networks

And although model-new Cisco tools can sometimes consider weeks to be shipped, we can ship employed products right away. A shorter direct time on supply will allow your company to gets the network up and operating quickly and proficiently.


Used Cisco equipment items have third celebration elements. Cisco employs third party elements like memory chips and many others but they guarantee excellent high quality. Also when equipment is refurbished, resellers can exchange the old elements with the new kinds from the manufacturers themselves. With this, a refurbished or used Cisco gear is trustworthy to use with large-top quality 3rd celebration element.



We help you to be sensible and select correctly


Now that you know the truth, do not be reluctant to purchase Employed Cisco gear, as they arrive with pre- and after-sale specialized help from SM Networks accredited experts.



Higher peace of mind – the SM Networks Reliability factor



We at SM Networks as a re-seller of utilized and refurbished Cisco products, routers, switches and other gear and restore used components to like-new condition. This signifies the utilized hardware can run just as effectively as factory-new tools. We put all gear we provide via rigorous good quality manage processes, including staging and testing, to make certain solution efficiency. In addition, we employ technological support personnel who have deep knowledge of Cisco goods and can support firms in building a cost-effective community.


And although a top brand name – but new Cisco gear can at times get months to be delivered, we can ship employed tools right away. A shorter lead time on supply will enable your organization to get your network up and operating speedily and efficiently.



Find the Right Source – Confidence and Satisfaction


We know you are tired of shopping for used Cisco routers on the web and constantly being forced to request a quote from a merchant who won’t give you an upfront price. We have a huge inventory and almost all the used routers, switches, VOIP, security and wireless equipment that you require will have a decent price ready to be purchased.


At times, we will also assist you better understand what you exactly need for your network before you decide to procure the equipment. Many a times we have suggested our customer partners equipment, models and solutions that are more price effective and work as efficiently as those which are fresh out of the box. SM Networks specialists offer a lot of advantages to a lot of companies out there. Therefore we are certainly worth considering.



SM Networks India is dedicated to making your networking easy and affordable


Whether you’re procuring the network hardware for a government bureau, a financial institution, an online merchant, a corporation, an internet services provider, a call center, educational institution or a small business, reasonably priced completely functional stable network equipment is your utmost requirement! SM Networks know how and experience assists you to be introduced to your networking equipment requirements and achieve improved network communication in conjunction with your financial budgets.