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(PRWEB) September 5, 2002

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, September 5, 2002 — Netvion Inc., a network management solutions firm, announced today that EMC Insurance Companies has selected Netvion Galileo to securely manage their Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls. The Netvion Galileo application integrates with and enables EMC?s network management tool, HP OpenView Network Node Manager, to freely discover, manage, and monitor the IP network through their Cisco PIX Firewall units.


As an HP OpenView Certified Application, Netvion Galileo allows HP OpenView Network Node Manager (NNM) to automatically ascertain the full capabilities of the Cisco PIX Firewall units EMC has in the network. Netvion Galileo also provides EMC with full management control over all critical aspects of their environment by utilizing NNM. With Netvion Galileo, Cisco PIX Firewall units are identified on the NNM maps, giving a graphical and accurate view of the managed EMC environment. Additionally, the Netvion Galileo solution helps EMC?s network management team by properly interpreting the SNMP traps sent by the Cisco PIX Firewall units and then displays their severity on the OpenView event browser. This results in faster response time to address any network status changes.


?We are utilizing Netvion?s technology to effectively discover, identify, and manage our Cisco PIX firewalls,? says Ken Wade, network administrator with EMC Insurance Companies. ?Netvion Galileo seamlessly integrated into our NNM environment. The Netvion Galileo solution provides us with a secure way to manage our devices through the firewall without having to open extra conduits. Netvion Galileo enabled EMC Insurance Companies to completely manage the network while maintaining a high level of security.?


Network administrators may be tempted to configure their firewalls to allow NNM to discover through them by opening extra ports. However, this type of ?home grown? configuration has high risks, limited management, and is time consuming. Netvion Galileo is more secure than these types of configurations because it does not require any extra conduits or ports, and it does not expose the network to added vulnerabilities.


?Many NNM users have critical e-commerce resources such as web servers, mail servers, traffic shapers, and routers that require constant monitoring to ensure the availability and security of the vital services they support. As a result, companies like EMC Insurance Companies face the challenges of monitoring IP resources on both sides of the firewall,? says Ray Caruso, director of engineering at Netvion. ?When possible, discovery and management through the firewall has required opening additional firewall conduits, placing discovery engines on the outside of the firewall, and/or adding complex configurations to the firewall. These solutions are troublesome, difficult to support and present high security risks. Netvion Galileo has proven successful in eliminating vulnerabilities while providing complete control over all aspects of the network.?


Netvion Galileo 1.3 runs on EMC?s HP OpenView NNM 6.2 management station that is currently monitoring all of their Cisco Secure PIX Firewall units. Netvion Galileo 1.3 adds the capability of communicating via Secure Shell (SSH), provides network administrators with the ability to disable the Cisco PIX firewall SNMP agent, and monitors the failover firewalls. Netvion Galileo can be downloaded from the Netvion website for a free 30 day evaluation license. Visit to register and download.


Netvion, Inc. is a leading network management solutions firm, providing HP OpenView based educational products, software applications and consulting services. As an HP OpenView Portfolio Partner, Netvion?s products help HP OpenView users become more successful with their network management and security tools. Netvion?s professional services assist third party vendors by integrating their products into HP OpenView Network Node Manager and OpenView Operations. Information about Netvion?s products and services can be found on the Web at
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