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Cloud Telephony Technology and Market Analysis & Forecast 2012-2017 Now Available at

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Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) November 15, 2012

When most people think of the Cloud, they think about infrastructure hosting as it is a cost effective alternative for enterprise application implementation and ongoing operations. However, few people understand the potential in Cloud Telephony, which represents a significant opportunity for replacement of traditional telecommunications systems, especially for small-to-medium businesses (SMB) communications services.


Some of the advantages of Cloud Telephony include unified communication system without maintaining hardware, software and maintenance cost reduction, single number integration, common system to support multiple locations, improved disaster recovery, and cost effective operations. The Cloud Telephony ecosystem includes cloud telephony providers, smartphone manufacturers, cloud telephony API providers, and various customers such as large corporations, SMB, and various intermediaries.


Companies in Report:


Skype, Google, Magic Jackplus, Vonga, Ooma, Earthlink, AoL, Fring, Siplato, HipCom, VXML, VoLGA Forum, Sprint Convergence, Cirrus, FaceTime, Viber, MetroPCS, Alcatel-Lucent, Ditech, Genband, HTC, Huawei, Tecor, Apple, Sumsung, Motorola, Mavenir, LG, Kineto, Sonus, SPA, Starent, Ulticom, Vitend, Wichorus, ZTE, GSMA, Grameen Foundation India, SBI Youth of India, TechSoup Global, Hyundai Trident, OCTA, CISCO, PinPoint MD, Connection Telecom, TomTom, Verizon Communications


Target Audience:

????Cloud based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers
????VoIP service providers including MSO and OTT operators
????Non-traditional telephony service providers such as Google
????Traditional fixed/wireline and mobile/wireless network operators

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Table of Contents for the report Cloud Telephony Technology and Market Analysis & Forecast 2012-2017 covers:


1.0???????? Executive Summary 7

2.0???????? Introduction????????????????9

3.0???????? Cloud Telephony: Technological Background???? 10

3.1???????? What Is Cloud Telephony???? 10

3.2???????? Technologies????????????????11

3.2.1???? Sip???????? 11

3.2.2???? Ivr???????? 14

3.3???????? Comparative Use Of Telephony Technology By Sip Vs. Ipbx Vs. Ivr 2011 – 2016???? 17

3.4???????? Speech Technology: A New Technological Opportunity For Cloud Telephony????????????????18

3.5???????? Prerequisites For Cloud Telephony???????????? 19

4.0???????? Security And Privacy Concern For Successful Cloud Telephony???????????? 20

4.1.1???? Dos Attack???? 20

4.1.2???? Un-Authorized Call 20

4.1.3???? Bounce Attack???????????? 21

4.1.4???? Personalization???????? 21

4.1.5???? Media Specific Attack???????????? 21

4.1.6???? Malicious Code Injection???? 21

4.1.7???? Voip Phishing????????????????21

4.1.8???? Toll Fraud???? 22

4.1.9???? Spit???? 22

4.1.10????Tools 22

4.2???????? Solutions For Secured Cloud Telephony System 22

4.2.1???? Secured Log On????????????22

4.2.2???? Secured Transaction???????????? 23

4.2.3???? Continuous Monitoring And Audit???????????? 23

4.2.4???? Anti Virus System???? 23

4.2.5???? Using Sip Proxy????????????23

4.2.6???? Sip Encryption Technique???? 23

4.2.7???? Network Infrastructure???? 23

4.2.8???? Authentic Upgrade 24

4.2.9???? Use Secured Protocols???????? 24

4.2.10????Use Dedicated Server????????????????24

5.0???????? Present Status Of Cloud Telephony: At A Glance 25

5.1???????? Market Share Of Popular Voip Vendor???? 25

5.1.1???? Fring 25

5.1.2???? Skype????26

5.1.3???? Google Voice 26

5.1.4???? Call Rate For Different Cloud Telephony Provider???????????? 28

5.1.5???? Monthly Cost For Different Provider???????? 28

5.2???????? Cloud Telephony Market Value Projection 2012-2017????????29

5.3???????? Comparative Revenue Of Different Cloud Telephony Telecom Operators Service Provider: 2010-2012????????????????32

5.4???????? Comparative Annual Revenue Of Voip: 2010-2018 33

5.5???????? Next Generation Voice: Volte????????????34

5.6???????? Voice Over Lte Via Generic Access (Volga) 35

6.0???????? Traditional Phone System Vs Cloud Telephony???? 37

7.0???????? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Telephony???? 50

8.0???????? Opportunities And Challenges Of Cloud Telephony???????? 57

8.1???????? Vaas???? 57

8.2???????? Open The Door To Utilize Speech Technology???????? 57

8.3???????? Robust Unified Communication Platform???????????? 58

8.4???????? Call Service???? 58

8.5???????? Opportunities For Industry????????????????58

8.6???????? Opportunities For Telecom 59

8.7???????? Opportunities For Ngo???????? 61

9.0???????? Government & Cloud Telephony???? 63

9.1???????? Scope Of Cloud Telephony Services????????????????63

9.1.1???? Judiciary Help Line For Gender And Domestic Violence????63

9.1.2???? Bank Service 63

9.1.3???? Immunization Program???? 64

9.1.4???? Disaster Management: Emergency Announcement???????? 64

9.2???????? Social Welfare & Cloud Telephony 64

9.3???????? Case Study: India & Cloud Telephony???????????? 65

9.3.1???? Farmers And Fishermen Helpline Using Cloud Telephony???????????? 65

9.3.2???? Cloud Telephony & Ivrs Based Daily Monitoring Systems???????????? 66

9.3.3???? Hyundai Trident???????? 67

10.0????????Cloud Telephony Adoption For Business Growth???????????? 69

11.0????????Conclusions And Recommendations???????? 81


List Of Figures


List Of Tables


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